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1.   Go on a picnic
2.   Visit a water/amusement park
3.   Take a trip to the local children’s museum
4.   Take a ferry ride
5.   Play a game of charades
6.   Run through the sprinklers (at home or at a playground)
7.   Make s’mores
8.   Put a jigsaw puzzle together
9.   Go to the movies
10. Go on a treasure hunt
11. Play hide and seek
12. Play miniature golf
13. Go to the beach and build a sand castle
14. Play Marco Polo at the pool
15. Walk along a boardwalk and indulge in hotdogs, ice cream, and cotton candy
16. Build an indoor fort, tent or teepee

17. Have a water balloon fight
18. Sit around a campfire and tell scary stories
19. Go through your childhood pictures and share a special memory with your child
20. Go on a bike ride
21. Be a tourist in your own town and visit a popular attraction
22. Blow bubbles (you can even make your own)
23. Go to an arcade and play video games
24. Go horseback riding
25. Spend a Saturday morning in your pajamas, watching cartoons and eating cereal
26. Go for Sunday brunch
27. Toss a frisbee around
28. Roll down a grassy hill
29. Spend an evening star gazing
30. Go to the zoo or aquarium

The best news: no matter where you live, what you do, or what your budget is, you and your kids will be creating lifelong memories. So enjoy these days and each and every one of these moments.

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Host a dance party: Turn your living room into a party zone by dressing up in funky party attire, diming the lights, and turning on your favorite dance jams. Disco ball is optional!

BBQ potluck: Throw a family BBQ in your backyard or at the local park. If you’re kids are old enough, let them create their very own dish, but don’t forget to bring a back-up dish, just in case.

Beach outing: If you’re lucky enough to live in an area close to the beach, take full advantage while there is still a little bit of warmth! Take your kids out to the beach and let them boogie board while you soak up some sun and relax.

Backyard movie night: These days, it costs an arm and a leg to take the entire family out to the movies, so why not watch a movie in your own makeshift movie theater? Play your family’s favorite movie using a projector and a blank wall. You can also set up a snack station with popcorn, candy, chips and other munchies!

Ice-cream party: What’s better than eating ice cream? Eating ice cream that you’ve made yourself! Using a recipe you find online let your kids make their own ice cream. Put out a spread of different toppings so that they can make their ice cream unique to their own taste and preference!

Scavenger hunt: Give your kids a list of things that they will need to find around the house or in your neighborhood. Have some prizes ready for the person who finds all items on the list!

Family music video: Start your own family tradition and produce your own music video!  All you need is a camera, a fun and upbeat song, and high-energy! Let your kids pick several different outfits to rotate during the music video shoot. If you’re daring, post the video on Youtube…who knows, maybe the video will go viral!

Baking party: Teach your kids how to bake their own cupcakes, cookies, or even cake! You can even host your own family “baking show” by letting them compete as if they were on a baking competition, with you as a judge!

Backyard camping: Set up your own camp by pitching some tents in your backyard! Play fun board games and tell spooky stories around your “campfire”.

Trip to the zoo: Kids love animals and what better way to let them interact with their furry friends than at the zoo! Take them to the local zoo and you can even teach them how to make their own memory book using photos that they take at the zoo.


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