National Black Business Month
National Eye Exam Month
National Fishing Month
National Peach Month
National Sandwich Month
National Water Quality Month
Romance Awareness Month
What Will Be Your Legacy Month

by Sylvia Ford-George

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August Weekly Observances
1-7       National Minority Donor Awareness Week
1-7       Simplify Your Life Week
4-10     Exercise With Your Child Week
4-10     National Farmers' Market Week
5-11     National Bargain Hunting Week
25-31   Be Kind To Humankind Week

August Monthly Observances

Admit Your Happy Month
American Adventures Month
Children's Vision & Learning Month
Family Fun Month
Get Ready for Kindergarten Month
Happiness Happens Month

Inventor’s Month

12   Middle Child’s Day
13   Left Hander’s Day
14   National Creamsicle Day
15   Lemon Meringue Pie Day
15   National Relaxation Day
16   National Rollercoaster Day
16   National Tell A Joke Day
17   National Thriftshop Day
18   Serendipity Day
19   World Humanitarian Day
19   World Photography Day
20   National Bacon Lover’s Day
20   National Radio Day
21   National Senior Citizen’s Day
21   National Sweet Tea Day
22   Be An Angel Day
22   Eat a Peach Day
25   Kiss and Make Up Day
26   Women’s Equality Day
27   Just Because Day
29   More Herbs, Less Salt Day
30   Grief Awareness Day
30   National Toasted Marshmallow Day
30   Slinky Day
31   Eat Outside Day

August Daily Observances

1     Girlfriend’s Day
1     Respect For Parents Day
1     Rounds Resounding Day
1     Worldwide Web Day
2     Coloring Book Day
2     National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
3     Campfire Day
3     National Mustard Day 
3     National Watermelon Day
4     Coast Guard Day
4     Friendship Day
4     International Forgiveness Day
4     National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
4     National Kid’s Day
4     Sister’s Day
5     National Oyster Day
6     Farmworker Appreciation Day
6     National Night Out
6     National Root Beer Float Day
6     Wiggle Your Toes Day
7     Lighthouse Day
9     Book Lover’s Day
10   Lazy Day
10   National S’mores Day
10   National Bowling Day

10   Skyscraper Appreciation Day

11   Play in the Sand Day
11   Son and Daughter Day

Looking for something to do with the family this month?

August is the month we make the most of what’s left of summer. And with this August being home to American Adventures Month, Family Fun Month, Happiness Happens Month, Be Kind to Humankind Week, Simplify Your Life Week, Be An Angel Day, Kiss and Make Up Day, Women’s Equality Day, International Forgiveness Day, Just Because Day, National Relaxation Day, and so much more, there’s no shortage of things to do.

Family Days to celebrate this month include: Respect For Parent’s Day, National Kid’s Day,  Sister’s Day, Son and Daughter Day), Middle Child Day, National Senior Citizen’s Day), AND… don’t forget about your own family’s birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations.

Want to turn Family Time observances into great time with the family? On days that celebrate foods, incorporate them into your meals and show the kids how it’s made. On dates with activities, incorporate them into your daily routine. On all other days have a discussion, do some research, discover something new about the day. Make a game of it, get the whole family involved, and have some fun.

Here's our list of 75 happenings this month to help you plan great family fun time!!!