Iced Tea Month
National Dairy Month
National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
National Zoo & Aquarium Month
Soul Food Month
Turkey Lover’s Month

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17      Eat your Vegetables Day
18      Go Fishing Day
18      National Splurge Day
19      Juneteenth
19      Sauntering Day
20      Ice Cream Soda Day
20      World Refugee Day
21      Daylight Appreciation Day
21      Go Skate Day
21      International Yoga Day
21      It’s Finally Summer Day
21      Make Music Day
22      National Chocolate Éclair Day
22      Onion Rings Day
23      Let It Go Day
23      Public Service Day
24      Swim a Lap Day
25      National Catfish Day (real fish – not the TV show)
26      Chocolate Pudding Day
26      Forgiveness Day
27      National Sunglasses Day
27      Pineapple Day
29      Camera Day
29      Waffle Iron Day
30      Meteor Watch Day


African American Music Appreciation Month
Audiobook Month
Camping Month
Candy Month
Country Cooking Month
Effective Communications Month
Great Outdoors Month


1-9           National Fishing & Boating Week

2-8           National Gardening Week
23-29       Lightning Safety Week

Looking for something to do with the family this month?

June is the month for dads and grads. It’s also known for National Gardening Week, National Fishing and Boating Week, and Great Outdoors Month, and that’s where most folks are clamoring to be in June—outdoors, especially for gardening, barbeques with dads and grads, and family reunions.

June is also known for Juneteenth (recognizing the abolition of slavery), Daylight Appreciation Day (the longest day of the year), World Sauntering Day (the day set aside for us to slow down and take it easy), National Dairy Month, National Iced Tea Month, African American Music Appreciation Month, Effective Communications Month, National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month, Say Something Nice Day, Let It Go Day, Forgiveness Day, World Environment Day, World Oceans Day, Nature Photography Day, and so much more.

Take a look at the observances we hand picked for great Family Time this June, and make a plan to spend time this month making memories with your dad, grads and family.

by Sylvia Ford-George

1       Go Barefoot Day
1       Hurricane Season begins

1       National Trails Day
1       Say Something Nice Day
2       National Rocky Road Day
5       Hot Air Balloon Day
5       National Gingerbread Day
5       National Running Day
5       World Environment Day
6       Applesauce Cake Day
6       Gardening Exercise Day
6       Yo-Yo Day
7       Chocolate Ice Cream Day
7       Doughnut Day
8       Best Friends Day
8       World Oceans Day
11      National Corn on the Cob Day

12      Loving Day
12      National Peanut Butter Cookie Day
12      Red Rose Day
14      Flag Day
14      Flip-flop Day
14      World Blood Donor Day
15      Nature Photography Day
15      Smile Power Day
16      Father’s Day
16      Fresh Veggies Day
16      Fudge Day