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16    Fresh Spinach Day
16    Corn Fritters Day
17    World Emoji Day
18    Nelson Mandela Day
20    National Lollipop Day
20    National Moon Day
20    World Jump Day
22    National BLT Day
22    National Hammock Day
23    National Refreshment Day
24    Cousins Day
24    Tell An Old Joke Day
25    Culinarians Day
25    National Day of the Cowboy
26    Aunt & Uncle Day
26    National Chili Dog Day
26    National Coffee Milkshake Day
26    Parents Day
27    Walk on Stilts Day
28    Buffalo Soldiers Day
28    National Milk Chocolate Day
29    National Chicken Wing Day
29    National Lasagna Day
29    National Lipstick Day
30    National Cheesecake Day
30    National Father-in-Law Day
30    Paperback Book Day
31    National Talk in an Elevator Day

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National Family Reunion Month
National Grilling Month
National Hot Dog Month
National Make a Difference to Children Month
National Parks & Recreation Month
National Pickle Month
Picnic Month
Purposeful Parenting Month
Social Wellness Month
Watercolor Month

by Sylvia Ford-George

Anti-boredom Month
Cell Phone Courtesy Month
Family Golf Month
Horseradish Month
Ice Cream Month
Independent Retailer Month
National Air Conditioning Appreciation Days (7/3 - 8/15)
National Baked Bean Month
National Black Family Month
National Blueberry Month

National Culinary Arts Month


12 – 18  Everybody Deserves a Massage Week
12 - 18   Operation Safe Driver Week
19 - 25   Capture the Sunset Week
19 - 25   Coral Reef Awareness Week  

1     International Reggae Day
1     National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day
1     Postal Worker Day
1     Second Half of the Year Day
1     US Postage Stamp Day
2     Made in the USA Day
3     Compliment Your Mirror Day
3     Eat Beans Day
4     Caesar Salad Day
4     Independence Day
4     National Country Music Day
6     National Fried Chicken Day
6     Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day
7     Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day
7     National Strawberry Sundae Day
8     Math 2.0 Day
9     National Sugar Cookie Day
10   Pick Blueberries Day
11   Cheer Up the Lonely Day
11   National Blueberry Muffin Day
12   Simplicity Day
13   Barbershop Music Appreciation Day
13   Embrace Your Geekness Day
13   National French Fries Day
15   National Give Something Away Day
15   Tapioca Pudding Day

JULY 2020


This month along with the Fourth of July, we’ve identified 80 observances for you and the family to enjoy, including Black Family Month, Family Reunion Month, Family Golf Month, Purposeful Parenting Month, Parents Day, National Father-in-Law Day, Aunt and Uncle Day, Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day, Make a Difference to Children Month, Cousins Day, Nelson Mandela Day, Buffalo Soldiers Day, Social Wellness Month, Cheer Up the Lonely Day, and National Picnic Month.
In July we greet the heat, hone our culinary skills, savor cool eats and the great outdoors, and get our exercise—all in observance of National Air Conditioning Appreciation Days, National Grilling Month, National Ice Cream Month, National Parks and Recreation Month, World Jump Day, and National Dance Day. And don’t forget about your family’s birthdays, anniversaries and other special celebrations.
Check below for a list of 80 holidays and unique observances to make great family time of this July.