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Family Reunion Planning

Family is where life begins. Reunions make family & life better.

At the Family Reunion Institute our motto is “Family Reunions…More Than Just a Picnic”. We believe reunions have the power to nourish and strengthen families of all races and ethnicities. Reunions can encourage healthy extended family relationships, provide a sense of belonging, restore family pride, nurture and respect all  generations, and impart wisdom, knowledge and a shared purpose. 

Family Reunion Planning is not for the faint at heart. It’s an undertaking for those who love family, want to see their extended family members get together outside of funerals and weddings, and want more than a quick one-day picnic. And while there’s nothing wrong with a one-day picnic (especially if it includes family traditions and cultural activities), being with family for two days or more—and coming together with activities that help us get better acquainted—can be some of the best-spent family days.


When it comes to planning a family reunion there are many questions to be answered. Who should plan it, what do we need to do, where should it be, when should we have it, how do we get started, how to organize, how to prepare a timeline, how much time do we need, suggestions for activities, etc. etc. etc. Whether it’s your first, 5th, 10th, or 50th plus reunion, the following information will help you plan a family reunion that’s one of your best reunions ever!