In September 2019

The Family Reunion Institute

welcomed Sheila Pradia Williams

to the Advisory Board

SHEILA PRADIA WILLIAMS is a strong believer in the power of family reunions to strengthen family bonds and support individual identity and resiliency across generations. Sheila is a part of the Baptiste-Jacquot Family Reunion that has spanned 34 years and the Pradia-Pradier Family Reunion that has a 22 year history. Over the past 20 years she has organized two family reunions in the Washington DC area. In her own words, Sheila has expressed a strong desire to leverage family reunions to address issues important to this unique inter-generational group. “I believe that family reunions can serve an important role in advancing and supporting issues important to family members across generations”.

Sheila is the mother of three young adult children who are actively pursuing their educational and career goals. Being a mother by far has been the most important job she has ever had. She and her husband Chad are “family enthusiasts”, never passing up a chance to connect with family near and far.  In her professional life, Sheila is a public health executive in the federal government where she administers $1.55 billion in health workforce grant programs. She has spent the last 21 years dedicated to increasing access to high quality health care for underserved and vulnerable populations throughout the nation, and holds degrees in pharmacy and biochemistry, as well as an MBA and certificate in Business Analytics. 

Sheila believes the interactions and communication that occur as a result of family reunions can help us understand our current experiences, contextualize them for deeper reflection and analysis, and provide the background information needed to create blueprints for the future. Her goal is to help FRI expand and fully realize its potential to advance and support the health, economic viability and preservation of families through family reunions. 

Sheila Pradia Williams

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