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September 2015

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If you suspect a single family member sold tickets and pocketed the funds and you have proof (the family member is bragging to others and/or they received tickets but are unable to produce the tickets, ticket stubs, or cash when asked), discreetly talk with them and demand the return of the funds. In the future you can have this member pre-pay for tickets—or—not ask them to participate at all.

If you suspect the treasurer did not deposit the funds (or only a portion of them) discreetly speak with them, request the return of funds, and immediately relieve them of all financial responsibilities. And as Dr. Vargus suggested, if you're not already doing so, assign two people to handle finances.

The expectation with reunions is that our family members will be honest and forthright. Family members need to know that when they send funds for the purpose of the reunion, that they are being properly handled and safeguarded. And it's the reunion committee's responsibility to make sure that happens.

Identify the last person known to have had the actual money, and ask where it went, politely.  It might be something as simple as the person placed it in a safe place and forgot to make a deposit;  OR the last person seen with the money may have transferred it to another person, who should in turn be questioned.   

If these polite inquiries do not result in the funds being retrieved and deposited, move into investigation mode.  Announce to everyone who may have touched the money at any time in the process, and the officers of the reunion that the family has a problem that needs to be addressed. If that doesn't work, identify a point person, contact the entire family and ask if anyone has information to contact the point person.  After the funds are retrieved, hold a meeting with key people to discuss what the family has learned from the situation and how they need to change procedures in the future.

Is there a treasurer who has the responsibility for seeing that all of the money gets in the account? If so, is it the treasurer who is not putting all of the money in the account? If so, perhaps two people need to be in charge of the account.

The Situation:

All of the money from our raffle fundraiser did not make it to the reunion account. What should we do?


 Dr. Ione Vargus 

Doug Harris

Sylvia Ford-George