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Now is a time when many are feeling a loss as the President and First Lady wind down their time in the White House. This combined with the results of the presidential election may have family members experiencing feelings of anger, hurt, or betrayal, among others.

Holiday gatherings would be a good time to revisit the accomplishments of the Obama administration as a reminder, given the rhetoric that surrounded the election and now post-election.

Don’t allow family members to dwell on the trauma of what could happen with the change in presidency. Suggest that your family continue President Obama’s legacy of valuing community reliance and social justice. The holidays are a great time for the family as a group to support a community or church project. Take a field trip together and purchase holiday gifts at neighborhood businesses as part of utilizing your purchasing power to build economic power in the community.   

Also, remind the family that there is more to a democracy than the presidency, and as a group devise suggestions on how family members can support the 2017 elections at the state and local level. And don’t forget, it’s not too early to begin to gear up for the mid-term elections for Congress in 2018!

At family gatherings during the holiday, at your next reunion, or as a special event, have a showing of the movie Southside With You, which chronicles the Obamas’ first date. Then follow it with a discussion on dating tips or share stories about funny first dates. Ask married couples to share recollections of their first dates. It should be a time that’s lighthearted and fun, and will become a wonderful family memory.

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 with Suzanne Vargus Holloman  


The Obama presidency is coming to a close and many people and families are feeling heartbroken. What advice, suggestions, or words of wisdom do you have to help families cope with the transition.