"I am trying to get a reunion together for my 6th grade teacher. So far I only have one person interested in helping me. The problem now is how to get in touch with the rest of my class and anyone else who had her as a teacher. I also need a format to go by honoring her, and presenting her a gift. One of my former classmates suggested singing the class song and I suggested reciting a poem that she had the class memorize. Do you know of a book that we could go to with suggestions?"

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The internet is full of ideas and suggestions for planning a class reunion, including the site: which provides very comprehensive and detailed plans regarding timeline, budget, getting the word out, format, tracking classmates, etc. See if the suggestions provided help. If not, try or do an online search to find a site with information that works best for you.

Be sure to consider the physical well-being of the guest of honor and other attendees in determining the format, date and time, length, and especially location of your event. The amount of time and energy you want to put into the planning, the number of guests, and the amount of money you have to spend should be considered as well. Singing the class song, reciting a favorite poem, and presenting a gift are all nice touches to add whether the event is a small intimate assembly, or a lunch, etc.

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