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 At every reunion, we want to be sure to embrace every family member so that everyone feels included and important. I’m not sure we make that mark every time, and wanted to know what’s a good way to ensure every reunion attendee feels that they matter and are loved. 

JULY 2018

 Suzanne Vargus Holloman

Set up a Love Connection Committee whose purpose/goal will be to have a real conversation with everyone at the Reunion. They will check to see how everyone’s doing; how the reunion is going for them; and whether there are any relatives they don't know that they'd like to be introduced to. Their job will be to spot folks who may be sitting alone or who are only minimally engaged in reunion activities and, introduce them to family they don't know; explain how they're related; and get them involved in activities, etc.


I commend you for wanting each attendee at the reunion to feel valued. However, this can be a daunting task—especially for large reunions. So I suggest that you develop group activities to assist in reaching your goal, several will be needed to affirm as many family members as possible. Below are some suggestions:



 Doug Harris

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  • Set up display tables at the reunion and invite family members to show an example of a hobby or interest. Another table could be used to display a group photo of each family unit.
  • Salute milestones such as graduations (kindergarten through graduate school), weddings, anniversaries, etc.  If your budget allows, give them a gift card.
  • Recognize those who have a birthday the month of the reunion.  Gift them a small gift bag.
  • Acknowledge the oldest and youngest at the reunion, who traveled the furthest, etc.
  • Host a talent night where family members of all ages can display their talents such as singing, spoken word, etc.
  • Provide index cards, colored pencils and stickers. Ask each member of the family to use these tools to write an affirmation on another family member and give it to them.
  • Give badges to each of the children during children’s activities and announce their badge to the family.
  • Honor the elders with a brief bio in the program booklet. Give them corsages and boutonnieres to wear and acknowledge them at the culminating event.