Appreciate each other
Balance work, school and home life
Be flexible
Be more encouraging
Be more patient
Bond with your kids
Communicate effectively
Cook together
Create healthy habits (including chores for kids)
Discipline when necessary
Discuss current events
Do your best each day
Drink more water
Eat together
Encourage more reading
Encourage saving money
Encourage sharing of thoughts, feelings and ideas
Exercise together
Handle conflict fairly
Have routines
Laugh more
Limit phone time
Listen to each other
Make healthy eating a priority
Make relationships a priority
Make room for fun
Plan family fun days
Plan family meals
Read together
Respect each other
Reward good behavior
Set boundaries
Speak to one another respectfully, no yelling, no cursing, no name calling
Spend quality time together
Support one another
Teach everyone how to say “I’m sorry”
Teach everyone that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and that’s okay
Work together as a family

APRIL 2019


One goal of families is to grow stronger together.

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Reunions help build relationships that keep the family strong by providing opportunity for family members to work together planning, executing and experiencing bonding amongst multiple generations. However, before you get to the reunion there are individuals who inspire their families with an attitude and focus on family that includes determination, encouragement, and support of one another. So how do individual families get to that family mindset? They work together to build stronger relationships. Check out the following list of family relationship tips to encourage you and your family.